Protea Banks Great White

And finally the Great White Shark we saw on Protea Banks the other day

Photo curtesy Garry Lombard – the lucky devil… © copyright by Garry Lombard

27.7. 2018
In June and July everything goes about the Sardine Run. Millions of people from around the world tune into our social media sites and blogs and follow the incredible events the ocean allows us to be part of.
As we are participating in this crazy event we have to keep our stuff up to date all the time. We do get hits and views into the tens of thousands. It is an amazing platform to promote our business as well as our country.
But it is also a tremendous amount of stress and hard work.
As we don’t sit in our office all day but are actively involved in the life as it happens, we have very little time and energy left in the evenings to write about what happened during the day.

Often there is not enough being reported about the amazing dives we have done on Protea Banks in the meantime.
We had whales on scuba time and time again. This is an experience like not many. At first you think you see a submarine until it sinks in that you are actually looking at a huge whale. Every year we get more of these sightings. Karen and Holger each had 3 whale sightings in one dive….unbelievable.
Although our tiger shark season was not the greatest, we still see tiger sharks on several dives even as late as end of July. So maybe things have just shifted a bit and we have much hope that all is not lost when it comes to diving with tiger sharks.
Today we had sightings of 2 tigers….

Our Raggies came in huge numbers early in May already. We estimated in excess of several hundred. Then the numbers went down steadily until we had about a constant 10 sharks left on the Banks.
Today we saw several hundred Raggies again…..
Our Bull sharks also all but disappeared for the last couple of months. This was supposed to be a strong bull shark season but it was difficult to see one every now and then.
Lately they returned and are visible again.

On the other hand we had hundreds of hammerheads in July when we are supposed to see none…
Who knows what is going on !!!
I don’t really think we need to be worried about our sharks on Protea Banks.
Although our sightings are weird …they are still as wonderful as ever !!!

In other words, we do see more sharks than before albeit not in the usual pattern we have got to know.
Hopefully this is just in line with my belief that us humans simply don’t know enough about the sea to be able to make any assumptions.
He who does is arrogant…..