Sardine Run Let’s go Home

July Sardine Run

© copyright by Lars von Ritter Zahony
Okay then. Let’s go home…
See you in 2019

18.7. 2018
Our Sardine Run 2018 is over.
Since we started with the Sardine Run Program 10 years ago, we had better and better results every year. This year was by far the ultimate. Unbelievable.
One had to be part of this adventure, one had to be lucky as well and one had to keep an open horizon.
Then, if all comes together, our people had an experience of pure nature which nobody will ever forget again.
We had a tremendous amount of Bait Balls which is the ultimate adventure on the sardine run.
This year’s super bait ball lasted six hours !!! Nobody cam imagine this !! 6 hours.
There were sharks, dolphins, gannets and 7 brydes whales on it.
They hunted, they ate, they swallowed non stop.
Those massive whales grabbed sardines right next to the divers, giving them the most unique and hair-raising show. Like a front end loader they shovelled up the sards.
But also the countless smaller bait balls had full on action. Often we encountered hundreds of sharks, more than ever before. Thousands of dolphins, really, can anybody imagine such numbers !!!
We had gannets raining out of the sky…
And of course we also had quiet days, days when we didn’t see any sardines even.
But on these days we had excellent whale activity where our guests could photograph these huge animals above and under water in almost touching distance. It was the whales which came to the people, not the people harassing the whales. Make no mistake, these animals are just as curious in us as we are in them.
We had superposes of dolphins which stretched over several kilometres .
Absolutely brilliant. Ocean Action. This is the Sardine Run.
We also had an extreme storm hitting the Coffee Bay area and cut off the electricity for 4 days. Life became difficult after a couple of days. Luckily the hotel had a small generator which kept the kitchen and the restaurant going. Eventually all our guests were able to have a hot shower in one bathroom which was heated by the generator.
Quite an inconvenience but in true adventure fashion, the people involved appreciated the opportunity rather than cried about the lack of it. The spirit was magic.
Nobody got injured on this year’s sardine run, nobody needed any medical attention, nobody suffered any loss whatsoever.
I think, this is an excellent testimony !!
Beulah, Spike and their crews were unbeatable. Our staff were completely disciplined and therefore they were able to do their jobs 100% right.
When i phoned Beulah around 20h00 every day, our staff were already all in their rooms….
Yesterday boat number 2 arrived safely at home. Together with the boat came our new tractor.
Today Spike, Steve and Marco arrived back and with them the third and last boat.
The boats don’t look like new anymore, but the actual damage on the equipment is not too bad. Nothing a welder, a bit of fibreglass resin and a strong arm can’t polish back to life.
And tomorrow my Beulah will finally be back home. Five crazy weeks went by. I was at home alone and Beulah ran the ship down in Coffee Bay. She has done a tremendous job. Beulah can work like nobody else !!!
Of course i was shopping today.
The house id full of balloons and flowers. The fridge is full of special treats.
Soon everything will be back to normal. Game over…

For 2019 we have already over 60 bookings. Excellent.
Bookings are open : 15.6. 2019 – 20.7. 2019